Photo by Khamkéo Vilaysing on Unsplash

Gift Horse

S.E. Bourne
Feb 22, 2024


Given with out strings. Hopeful. Honest.

Willing to bear burdens, to be a draft, to strain and plod forward, gratefully.

Proud to plow, to show a strength, to serve.

Knowing a path forward. Pushing through.

Standing still, trying not to startle.

A large gentle ,dull but kind beast.

A paddock with overhang. Occasional oats.

Haphazard cubes of sugar.

An apple.

Hay bedding.

They prod me.

They work me hard in vast rocky fields.

They leave me without shelter.

But I plodded proud and hopeful.



S.E. Bourne

“If this is all I get, I will take it.” *S.E. Bourne