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My Heart

S.E. Bourne
3 min readFeb 12, 2024


For an unhealthy person I have for most of my life had relatively good physical health.

Though my mental health as often run roughshod over my physical well being and though my exercise over the decades since 30 or so has been negligible — I have sort of bumbled along.

Smoking since 12 certainly has done me no favors but in an exercise burst in my late 30s I could run a 10 minute mile — while still smoking daily.

When I first started wearing this Fitbit in November my cardio fitness showed as good to excellent for someone my age.

January 17th my resting heart rate stated to rise. To the point that I was preparing to go to emergency and alerted my doctors.

Had been taking decongestants and held off on ER thinking that was the issue.

On January 25th my RHR was 92.

Then the heart rate started to decrease daily back to mid 70s.

My Fitbit now says my cardio fitness is average to very good.

My standard for all of December had been 65.

When my doctor finally got back to me, she asked if we couldn’t we wait for tests and such until this Wednesday.

But my resting heart rate has started going back up to high 70s and my last 2 mile walk on Thursday kicked my ass.



S.E. Bourne

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