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Wolves at the Whale Bone

S.E. Bourne
2 min readFeb 7, 2024


When I was a preteen there were wolves that lived in a pen attached to one of the older cottages on the main boulevard on the island.

The cottage was named the Whale Bone and a renter moved in and built a high chain link fence and had two wolves living there.

I can still see it in my minds eye.

A hippyish couple. The woman had long blonde hair and an angular face with intelligent eyes. Her boyfriend drove motorcycles and had dark auburn hair and beard.

I can remember always crossing the road when walking home.

Though the wolves were amazingly well behaved given their confinement.

They were healthy looking animals and just massive.

There was a large dog house type shed they would often lounge on and they went into the house in the evenings.

I don’t ever recall a complaint about them, or seeing the couple walk them.

They lived there for maybe a decade.

I haven’t thought about those wolves or that cottage in a long time.

The cottage still stands much the same as it has in all my living memories.

I think same family owns it.

Always either empty or rented year round.

That is one of the only places down there that I still covet a bit.

I will have to ask my childhood friend about the couple and the wolves next we get together.

Her sister in-law and brother was friends with them.

I think she might have even patted them.

Nothing like that down there anymore.

Monkey on a chain owned by an old stripper and timber wolves caged by hippies.

It was always a double edged place. Desolate and beautiful. Poverty stricken and magnificent.

Singular and dull and facinating all at at the same time.



S.E. Bourne

“If this is all I get, I will take it.” *S.E. Bourne